Workers Compensation

Did you meet an accident while operating machinery in your factory? Got a strain on your back from heavy lifting? Have you tripped or fallen during work at the office? Whether you have got an injury or fallen sick during your job while at your workplace, you are entitled by law to claim worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation is a form of recompense that provides several benefits to the victim based on the nature of his or her injury. For instance, it covers the medical expenses, lost wages, or rehabilitation costs borne by the worker. It also pays death benefits to the relatives or families of those killed on the job. It intends to protect both employers’ and employees’ interests if an accident or illness crops up while on duty. If you are struggling to acquire your worker’s compensation from your employer, the Law Offices of Rizwan M. Khalid can help you deal with it. By filing a claim or lawsuit against the tort of negligence on your employer’s part, our expert lawyer ensures to recover the damages as quickly as possible. If you’re working in New Jersey and Philadelphia, you can claim worker’s compensation legally on account of any damage or injury through our law firm.
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