Landlord/Tenant Law

Have you found your tenant to be engaged in illegal activity while at your property? Does your tenant defaults on rent payment? Is your landlord too stubborn to tackle? Is there any violation of the terms of the lease agreement by any of the parties? Is excessive damage caused to your rental property by the tenant? No matter what concerns you face as a landlord or as a tenant, the Law Offices of Rizwan M. Khalid is forever ready to assist you in landlord/tenant legal issues.

Landlord/Tenant law includes civil rights and obligations that each party has concerning the rental property. The landlord-tenant relationship is outlined in a lease agreement, which states and protects both parties’ rights. Our law firm has the expertise of drafting rental leases for our clients. Our expert attorney not just authorizes the lease agreement for you but also takes you through a virtual tour about the basics of renting a place prudently. Whether you’re considering evicting your tenant on the cause, we are there to help you and take you through the entire eviction procedure legally and effortlessly.

Irrespective of the disputes, we are ready to serve and represent both landlords and tenants in the court and go all-out to resolve their cases successfully.

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