Rizwan M. Khalid is definitely the best. I had multiple DUI plus other arrests on my record, my green card had also been expired for two years; when Trump became president I feared not being able to ever become a US citizen again, because the way things were going than I contacted Rizwan Khalid, we met a local library, he looks young, cool, calm and above all very knowledgeable, I told him I had a few criminal records, and he assured me I could still be approved for citizenship; I give him a partial payment and left that day. I supposed the meet him the following week to finalize everything but I didn’t show up for the appointment, he kept reaching out to me via email, text, and calls but I didn’t respond to any of the above. A year later I reach out to him and he said Mr. Johnson what happened I said I was just being reluctant, however without hesitation, he helps me through my naturalization process and today I’m a proud US citizen, his fees were reasonable, he gives so many payment options……… and just to mention he went with me for my interview and their moments where he intercepted and made corrections when I said the wrong thing. Thanks ever so much, I’ll truly recommend you to anyone

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